Night’s Online Handouts

Since the valiant heroes in my Night’s Black Agents campaign ended up battered and bruised and in need of recuperation after narrowly escaping an Edom ambush, I decided to give them a bit of an information dump so that by the time they were fit to move again they had a few more leads. In […]

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Be Prepared. #nightsblackagents

This very practical travel kit for the aspiring vampire hunter went on sale in North Yorkshire in 2012 and raised £7500 at auction. It was put together in the 19th century and contained all the stuff you’d expect:A crucifixStakes and a malletA PistolGlass bottle of Holy Water, another of consecrated earth, another of garlic pasteThe […]

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Red Shift – Episode Six – Calais and Paris – #nightsblackagents Play Report

After Sunday’s action packed episode, last night’s visit to the bloody world of Night’s Black Agents was one of evasion and consolidation.   Having had to flee from a murder scene, Hans and Rowan dug in at their safe house and ran through what they’d learned.   The word “vampire” was used for the first time with […]

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