ddudd gws nih no im jemen

In a spirit of madness during a recent RPG session I had an Elvish NPC say a few words in his own language, offering his culture’s name for a mythic beast mentioned by one of the player characters. In the split second before the dialogue I decided that the human culture’s name for this mythical […]

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Loaded with metaphor, a seed signed and ready,Or clever code to upload,Somewhere in an abstract pocket, or third eye squintOr heart-glow or somethingIt’s time to lay back and dark the eyes, and don’t thinkAbout the process (but you do) The veil isn’t some gauzy temple thingOr symbol rich tapestryIt’s a rug, much swept-under, and all […]

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Tempus Ascendit

My son has recently taken up climbing. At first via an after school club but now he’s got a membership at a local climbing centre. This means he can now go scrambling up awkwardly shaped walls on weekends as well as schooldays which means I get to accompany him. Today was my first chance to […]

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Last Train Back from Trancentral

Back in 1988 there was novelty record called Doctoring the Tardis by a band calling themselves The Timelords which blended a ridiculously empty set of lyrics over a sampled bit of music, with a bizarre video of a car blaring out music and running over a bargain basement dalek. It was the number one selling […]

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Cattle die, kindred die,Every man is mortal:But the good name never diesOf one who has done well Havamal, stanza 76

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Tempting Fate

“Council plans to underwrite a £100,000 unveiling ceremony for a statue of Margaret Thatcher in her home town of Grantham have been approved.“ The statue itself cost £300,000.00 and they want to use £100,000.00 of public money for a ceremony to unveil it. In a time of austerity and poverty, with record numbers of homeless, […]

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The Crow Journal

My latest novel – a story of magic and intrigue set at least partially in the crowded metropolis of London in the 1850s is now available at amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and other regional amazons. The protagonist is Barnaby Silver, a young man newly come to town to confront the past that his mother, a powerful sorceress, […]

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