Draklyn Storm

A few weeks ago I had an idea for a sequel to my novel The Crow Journal after a creative dry-spot that had lasted a couple of years. I’ve been working on that ever since. Naturally as soon as I started work on Bluejay (working title, etc etc) another idea roared up out of nowhere. […]

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ddudd gws nih no im jemen

In a spirit of madness during a recent RPG session I had an Elvish NPC say a few words in his own language, offering his culture’s name for a mythic beast mentioned by one of the player characters. In the split second before the dialogue I decided that the human culture’s name for this mythical […]

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Loaded with metaphor, a seed signed and ready,Or clever code to upload,Somewhere in an abstract pocket, or third eye squintOr heart-glow or somethingIt’s time to lay back and dark the eyes, and don’t thinkAbout the process (but you do) The veil isn’t some gauzy temple thingOr symbol rich tapestryIt’s a rug, much swept-under, and all […]

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Tempus Ascendit

My son has recently taken up climbing. At first via an after school club but now he’s got a membership at a local climbing centre. This means he can now go scrambling up awkwardly shaped walls on weekends as well as schooldays which means I get to accompany him. Today was my first chance to […]

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Last Train Back from Trancentral

Back in 1988 there was novelty record called Doctoring the Tardis by a band calling themselves The Timelords which blended a ridiculously empty set of lyrics over a sampled bit of music, with a bizarre video of a car blaring out music and running over a bargain basement dalek. It was the number one selling […]

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Cattle die, kindred die,Every man is mortal:But the good name never diesOf one who has done well Havamal, stanza 76

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Tempting Fate

“Council plans to underwrite a £100,000 unveiling ceremony for a statue of Margaret Thatcher in her home town of Grantham have been approved.“ The statue itself cost £300,000.00 and they want to use £100,000.00 of public money for a ceremony to unveil it. In a time of austerity and poverty, with record numbers of homeless, […]

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