ddudd gws nih no im jemen

In a spirit of madness during a recent RPG session I had an Elvish NPC say a few words in his own language, offering his culture’s name for a mythic beast mentioned by one of the player characters. In the split second before the dialogue I decided that the human culture’s name for this mythical […]

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Loaded with metaphor, a seed signed and ready,Or clever code to upload,Somewhere in an abstract pocket, or third eye squintOr heart-glow or somethingIt’s time to lay back and dark the eyes, and don’t thinkAbout the process (but you do) The veil isn’t some gauzy temple thingOr symbol rich tapestryIt’s a rug, much swept-under, and all […]

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An exercise in inspiration – having a vaguely Lovecraftian mood on me I decided to just start typing and see where the mood take me. The first couple of lines sprang out of nowhere and I just let the whole thing flow without editing or pausing.

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