Draklyn Storm

A few weeks ago I had an idea for a sequel to my novel The Crow Journal after a creative dry-spot that had lasted a couple of years. I’ve been working on that ever since. Naturally as soon as I started work on Bluejay (working title, etc etc) another idea roared up out of nowhere. […]

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The Crow Journal

My latest novel – a story of magic and intrigue set at least partially in the crowded metropolis of London in the 1850s is now available at amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and other regional amazons. The protagonist is Barnaby Silver, a young man newly come to town to confront the past that his mother, a powerful sorceress, […]

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Impulse Buy

I don’t buy from Internet ads. I really don’t. I totally get that the commercial realities of modern life require, under the capitalist model, that to get things means you have to spend other things, so that the people who make the first things can take the things you give them and use them to […]

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One from the (secret) vaults.

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that before “A Step Beyond Context” I’d been working on a novel set in an early-Victorian magical subculture in England – but that I’d abandoned it because I couldn’t get the pacing right and it was too long and drawn out. I decided to dig it out just to […]

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Oh my gosh

I’m far more excited than I have any right to be after receiving notification of a piddling little electronic payment.  My first ever royalties for my novel have just come through and while it will barely cover the cost of the new ICRPG core rulebook coming out today I am very happy indeed – Guess […]

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Product Recall – Sort of.

ARRGGGGTo anybody kind enough to have purchased a copy of my novel “A Step Beyond Context” – give it 24 hours and redownload it from Amazon (doesn’t cost you anything more – just go to “Manage Devices and Downloads”) as I’ve just spotted (and corrected) an egregious error in the last chapter where a character […]

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