"You don’t need two hands to hold a severed head." – #NightsBlackAgents

“You don’t need two hands to hold a severed head.”

Not an actual depiction of events
Hans is more Swedish and better dressed

You know that the session of Night’s Black Agents has taken a dark turn when one of the player characters muses aloud along those lines.

Last night’s session ended up with Hans losing enough Stability to be Shattered for the first time anyone’s hit that state in the campaign after witnessing someone who they thought was a potential ally massacring a group of innocent bystanders at a barbecue, just after an encounter with the revived corpse of someone Rowan had killed in cold blood in a previous session (the former owner of the aforementioned severed head) and a furious thespian vampire who had just ripped out Rowan’s throat (she’ll live – barely) following Rowan’s taunts about her being second rate.

If things needed to go further south, Hans was having flashbacks to a mission gone wrong in Belarus as he drove to the safehouse where their friendly medic lives and recalled in vivid detail the time he had to shoot his way past a police roadblock.

When he reached the safehouse in a slightly more stable frame of mind he realised his pistol had been recently fired…

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