Devious in the Dark

I ran my first Blades in the Dark adventure last night and it was the proverbial blast. The characters were three members of the same family, a pair of brother/sister twins of mixed Akorosi and Skovlan heritage and their cousin (mixed Akorosi/Iruvian), all former Imperial military and now running a small smuggling outfit out of […]

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Where is Everyone At?

For no real reason other than the growing impatience with myself for not keeping this blog updated more often I thought I’d pollute the pages with a brief run down of the campaigns I’m running at the moment. In no particular order Knight City Falls(Cyberpunk – originally Fate Core, now a homebrew hack) Grey “8.73” […]

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Night’s Online Handouts

Since the valiant heroes in my Night’s Black Agents campaign ended up battered and bruised and in need of recuperation after narrowly escaping an Edom ambush, I decided to give them a bit of an information dump so that by the time they were fit to move again they had a few more leads. In […]

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The Sundered Seven

In recent posts I’ve discussed the collaborative worldbuilding undertaken by myself and a couple of players new to Tabletop gaming and posted the questions I set them to outline the basics of the world, and the answers they came up with. I’m attaching a link to the basic setting notes that resulted and hope they’re […]

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