Hey, you. Yes, you!

Hey. I’m sending you an image.   It will reach you somehow. You’ve been unresponsive since we got you back from the enemy, but the doctors say your mind is active in a  dream prison they made for you.  A life so real you can’t escape it.    Reasons to stay there.   I don’t know what dream […]

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Wooden Heart

The grove of trees was secluded, and it was dark.  It was ancient and largely unknown.  And it was waiting.    The eldest of the trees held court there, squatting like a bloated tyrant with a tanglewood crown and grasping miser’s fingers raking the earth around its corpulent trunk.   Healthy things did not grow there, wholesome […]

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Beautiful Stranger

When I first became immortal I assumed it would be like being part of an exclusive club of wise and mysterious beings, roaming the earth like gods and angels.  It really isn’t.   There aren’t many of us but we keep bumping into each other.   The world becomes a dull party.  You know their jokes, stories, […]

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It was a hot day, and the office seemed hotter than the world outside.  Despite the air conditioning she was perspiring, feeling lazy and sticky and just a little bit horny. Looking around herself, seeing that none of her co-workers were looking at her she slipped her cellphone from her purse and used her thumb […]

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The Stone and the Seven

Cannot sleep my lady?  Then draw close to the candle and listen. I will tell you a tale of the old old days there were not in fact so long ago as you would hope. The King in those days had two sons.   The eldest son, the heir was a foul creature, handsome enough to […]

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Abandoned Beauty

“He’s on his way, I’ve seen him through the eyes of owls.  Young and full of vigour,” Her voice was self-satisfied, with just a hint of lewd appreciation.“So romantic,” came the reply in gentle delicate tones of wistful contentment“Romance be damned,” the third voice was a menacing rumble, “it’s the story that draws him.  Always […]

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  My grandfather once told me that he’d spent his whole life in summer.   I was a child then and I didn’t understand, but I believed him.  There was sunshine in him, always warmth, and he took delight in everything.  Being around him was like an easy purposeless walk on an August evening through the […]

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Little Rosie – Chapter One

(Click here for the PROLOGUE) I had been fortunate enough, in the two years after my father was murdered, to avoid the attentions of White Kenneth and his runners.   Many of the denizens of St Giles did not.   He preyed upon the isolated, the lonely and the helpless.  And the young.  Especially the […]

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Little Rosie. Prologue

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Rosie filches everything Sneaking, snatching, this and that Crafty as a creeping cat Bolt the doors, the shutters bar, Rosie reaches near and far, All in rags, not dainty frocks Little Rosie laughs at locks I may be an old woman, young man, but there is nothing wrong with my memory […]

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The young man sat uncomfortably on the statue’s plinth, back turned to the god who glared down stonily on the disobedience of youth.    He was strong, and naked except for a brief white cloth around his waist and he was staring ahead of him at the door that led into the uncertain night. The young […]

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