Here we go…

Just a short update on my current work. I’ve completed my novel The Crow Journal and sent out samples with query letters to a small number of agents in the right genre market (and choosing that was difficult – is a novel set in 1850s London, that involves elements of mystery, magic and teen angst defined as Fantasy, Historical or Drama?) and now I wait to see what happens.

I’m pleased with the novel, having started it way before A Step Beyond Context and then put it aside, rediscovering it more than a year later and seeing the potential there before redrafting the whole thing. It tells the story of a young man in the early Victorian era who travels to London to seek the truth about his mixed Faerie/Human heritage and becomes embroiled in a plot that may tear apart the secret order of Magi that dwell in the capital. I’m pleased with the background setting, and feel it shows glimpses of a wider world than is required simply to serve the need of the story, and I think the narrative voice – the hero telling his story directly to the reader – gives the tale a companionable and accessible feel.

We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed everyone and I’ll keep you posted.

Finn’s first novel A Step Beyond Context is available on and and a few others as well. It’s a punchy genre-busting mystery with a heroine who is a Regency lady, a high tech mercenary and much more.

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