The Crow Journal

The Crow Journal by [Finn Cullen]

My latest novel – a story of magic and intrigue set at least partially in the crowded metropolis of London in the 1850s.

The protagonist is Barnaby Silver, a young man newly come to town to confront the past that his mother, a powerful sorceress, fled from when he was just an infant.

He will discover that his powers and his heritage make him not only an outcast from mundane society but also from the Order of Magi that exists secretly in the heart of the city, and from the hidden Faerie realms that border the human world – both the wild woods of Green Jack and his court, and the nightmare pastiche of the worst slums of London ruled over by the sinister Constable Rook.

Outcast or not he has truths to uncover and a web of conspiracy to unravel before he learns the truth of his mother’s long ago flight from mortal peril, and where exactly he has been running to for all his life.

Now available at and most other territories

Currently available as a Kindle e-Book with a paperback edition to follow in a week or so