Making Up Is Hard To Do

img_0558-1But it is a lot of fun.

A good friend of mine is having a birthday party later this month and, being of excellent judgement, he has decided to make it a costume party. The theme is movie characters and, since I went as one of my favourite masked psychopaths (V from V for Vendetta) to his last party I decided to be TOTALLY ORIGINAL this time and go as a different one of my favourite masked psychopaths- to whit Erik, the eponymous fellow from The Phantom of the Opera

Which of course means I need to go completely overboard and learn how to create suitably grim make up for the required disfigurement.

So far I’ve tried a few different looks more or less so I can figure out how the various makeup techniques work (being s complete novice).

Pictures follow, and I think I have now had an idea that should work as a concept- I’m going to try for a partially exposed skull with ragged edges of skin around it. Once I’ve tried it out I will share it here.


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