Night’s Black Questions – quick backstory for #nightsblackagents characters

I’m a handful of adventures into my Night’s Black Agents campaign and we’re all getting a feel for the characters.    Having refreshed my exposure to the spy/thriller genre I’ve noticed that most protagonists have something lurking in their pasts that made a big impact on them.  

“He’d never been the same since Kiev”
“Look, about that time in Madrid… ” / “Never mention that again.”
“Miller dropped his hand, numb, this was too much like the failed extraction in Tokyo”
Her thoughts drifted back to the moonless night camped near Petra, and the whispers that became roars.

So, following on from my recent use of directed questions in my Fate campaign I’ve just forwarded the following mini questionnaire to my NBA players.   Knowing them I’m sure they’ll provide some interesting backstory and plot-hooks from their previous lives…

The One That Ended Badly
Where was the mission?
What was the objective?
Was the objective accomplished?
Want went wrong?
Who died that shouldn’t have?
Why is it hard for you to talk about?
Describe/name one other character from that mission – ally, enemy, bystander that might crop up again in the future

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