Night’s Black Answers – a player’s response to my questions for #NightsBlackAgents

In my last post I shared a short list of questions I’d asked the players in my Night’s Black Agents campaign in the hope of generating some backstory details I could plunder for drama and complications. Tonight Rowan’s player replied – and instead of just answering the questions she copied me into a folder containing […]

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Night’s Black Questions – quick backstory for #nightsblackagents characters

I’m a handful of adventures into my Night’s Black Agents campaign and we’re all getting a feel for the characters.    Having refreshed my exposure to the spy/thriller genre I’ve noticed that most protagonists have something lurking in their pasts that made a big impact on them.   “He’d never been the same since Kiev” […]

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The Saint’s Hair?

Ethelflaeda was a pious woman, so they said.  Devoted to God and to his service.  And in those long ago days before the first millennium had come and emptily gone who was to say that the unorthodox methods of her worship were to be condemned?  They say she used to stand naked in the river […]

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School Hauntings

I saw an interesting article on the BBC news site today that was primarily focussed on the temporary closure of school in Kota Bharu, Malaysia following multiple sightings of an unexplained apparition.   There’s even a photo which, showing an indistinct black shape which might be vaguely humanoid, is clear and incontrovertible proof of the supernatural […]

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The Sundered Seven

In recent posts I’ve discussed the collaborative worldbuilding undertaken by myself and a couple of players new to Tabletop gaming and posted the questions I set them to outline the basics of the world, and the answers they came up with. I’m attaching a link to the basic setting notes that resulted and hope they’re […]

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Earworms of Y’Golonac

This is an adventure outline I worked up for a Trail of Cthulhu one-shot that I had planned, set in modern day Leeds. Y’golonac – by Finn It’s not fully polished and lacks game related statistics etc, and is a brief framework for an adventure that I think would suit the Purist rather than Pulp […]

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Outsourced Worldbuilding

One of the things I loved the most about Fate Core when I first picked it up was the emphasis on collaborative world-building – the creation of Aspects for the setting and attaching Faces and Places that the players come up with in concert with the GM. Image by Jessie Therrien I do most of […]

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