School Hauntings

I saw an interesting article on the BBC news site today that was primarily focussed on the temporary closure of school in Kota Bharu, Malaysia following multiple sightings of an unexplained apparition.   There’s even a photo which, showing an indistinct black shape which might be vaguely humanoid, is clear and incontrovertible proof of the supernatural (*coughs*).

The article then goes on to discuss other outbreaks of mass delusion/hallucination/hysteria at schools and posits some explanations for them.

Story Here

With my gamer/geek head on though I can’t help but think that a boarding school environment could make for as good a pressure-cooker place of tension as any submarine or space station for an isolation horror game.

Maybe Hogwarts was a perfectly normal school with a particularly rich vein of shared delusion.   Or more interestingly maybe every perfectly normal school could be as dangerous and bizarre as Hogwarts given just a tiny push in the right direction and the right group of sensitive pupils.

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