SAGA- Homebrew RPG system

I’ve been roleplaying for longer than is sensible and have played a lot of systems over the years. I always tended to streamline and simplify the games I played, never really getting into the crunch and the min-maxing side of things. Nothing wrong with playing that way, it just never really worked for me.

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New Year, New Cliche

I swear I didn’t set out to be one of those New Year resolution guys.  I’ve always thought that if something needs doing or changing then you either do it when it needs to get done, or you don’t, and why should a date on a calendar be the boss of me etc. However since […]

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  The pain is everywhere now.   The cords are tight around my arms and my legs, the long cuts on my back from the scourge weep blood, but the pain is no longer confined to arms, or legs, or cuts.   I am pain, a fire from head to toe flaring with every beat of my heart… or […]

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The crack in Context hung before my eyes like a twisted thread of blue lightning, frozen immobile.  It was hair-thin but it shone, and as I walked around it the crack always showed me its same shape as though it was superimposed over the scene and how I viewed the scene was irrelevant.

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The Scent of Apples

   She had been holding my hand, woolly glove in woolly glove, as we stumble-shuffled our way through the crowded market.  Autumn chill was biting and the market was a treat not to miss.  Stalls crowded with toys and trinkets, cakes and biscuits, and the beautiful smell of hot spiced wine and honey buns.   We’d turned a corner […]

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The Gardener

“The thing about inspiration,” Simon said, “is that it is not a tame thing.  You can’t force it, it should pounce on you unexpectedly,” “From outside?”  I was bored with his nonsense and this dire little bar.  I wanted to get home and write, but I was suffering a bad case of writer’s block “Yeah,” […]

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