The Old Dancing Tree

Image result for spooky tree

The tree on the hillside grows straight and so true

And it is a fine place as so many folk knew

And many a yeoman who yearned to be free

Came and danced in the shade of the old dancing tree

Oh the borders are hard and a fierce place to live

And the people there take and there’s nothing to give

But if you will take back what’s yours then you’ll see

The sun rise and shine on the old dancing tree

The hungry and homeless, well what is their life

But struggle, starvation and hardship and strife

But don’t raise your voice, or you’ll hear the decree

That will send you one day to the old dancing tree

The tax men will take every coin that you make

And spare you no crumb, not for dear mercy’s sake

If they see you hold back just a penny or three

They will make you a date at the old dancing tree

With thieves and with killers, with outlaws and all

There’s many an honest man answered the call

To give up his labour and there will he be

To dance his last jig at the old dancing tree

Finn’s first novel A Step Beyond Context is available on and and a few others as well. It’s a punchy genre-busting mystery with a heroine who is a Regency lady, a high tech mercenary and much more.

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