With youth soft skin and eager heart

I flinched from every venomed dart

And guiltless sought to make things right

Then as I grew I armour wore

To save me from the wounds so sore

A cuirass that was strong, but tight

It saved me from the need for healing

That armour coldly cut off feeling

Dulled my hearing, blocked my sight

But now I have that armour cast

And free of it, I stand at last

With steel strong skin I fear no fight

Inspired by the writing prompt HERE using the quotation :

Never make a defence or an apology until you are accused.

Charles I of England

Finn’s first novel A Step Beyond Context is available on Amazon.co,uk and Amazon.com and a few others as well. It’s a punchy genre-busting mystery with a heroine who is a Regency lady, a high tech mercenary and much more.

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