An exercise in inspiration – having a vaguely Lovecraftian mood on me I decided to just start typing and see where the mood take me. The first couple of lines sprang out of nowhere and I just let the whole thing flow without editing or pausing.

When in that failing sleep I rose

With eyes agleam in heart of night

I left behind my calm repose

And trod the path toward the light

That came unbidden through the veil

And whispered words of shade and doom

That called to mind a far off tale

And drew me onward in the gloom.

There scenes of ancient lands I saw

And cities cyclopean rose

And bands of armoured men at war

With shapes more fierce still than those

Those shapes were not the men I knew

Nor beast, nor fish, nor bird nor aught

That I could name or know for true

And with those ancient men they fought

But sword and axe and spear and flame

Could not prevail or win the day

But only a forbidden name

When spoken drove those fiends away

Its echoes rang when it was named

And allied men all cringed and wept

And felt their manhood’s honour shamed

And to their dismal halls they crept

We fell that day from what we’d been

From glory into fragile clay

And though the fiends no more were seen

The triumph saw a dismal day

For now they sleep, not dead, those things

For death and life are not their ways

And in their dreams a shadow sings

Of waking in the latter days

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