Landslide Victory

Do you remember when you were a child?  Alone and hungry and crying for a mother that was beyond hearing?

I heard you.   And I came to you and comforted you as best I could.   And I arranged for you to be found and pulled from the puzzle of rock and earth, the eager hands of the rescuers dragging you into the light and showing you off, teary-eyed and widesmiled.   I smiled too, and waited.

Do you remember as you grew?  The cruel words of other youngsters, such a hard world for an orphan.   Children can be so vile to each other.   You cried silently then in the neat-bed world of the dormitory, and wished they would shut up. 

I heard you.  And I came to you and listened to the words you did not say aloud.   And they never mocked you again did they?  Never raised a hand against you again.   Had no voices or hands with which to hurt you in fact.   And you were pleased.  Don’t deny it, I knew you were.

Do you remember when you set out into the world to seek your fortune.   You didn’t cry anymore but you knew what you wanted and you whispered it into the darkness, knowing I would hear.  I always hear.   A gift of money perhaps.  A propitious meeting.   A lover, or two, or three.  An ambition…

I always heard you.  And you got what you wanted.   And I was happy and I was happy to wait.

Do you remember when you landed that first political appointment?   So proud of yourself, wanting to change the world.   But there was opposition, there always is.   A steadfast boor who did not trust you.   An ambitious young shark who was swimming faster than you up the political ladder of mixed metaphors…

I heard you then  too.   Steadfast boors can have weak hearts.   Sharks can be harpooned.    You climbed and climbed and climbed.

Do you remember the campaign trail?  Do you remember the hostile media attention, and the way it made you fume in private, when you were alone.

You were never alone my sweet, I always heard you.   And the media hatred burned away in internal scandal and scattered messages.  And what remained was not enough, never enough to stand in your way.

And here you are my delightful one.   Full grown and victorious and filled with pride in yourself.   The highest position in the land, the power and the glory.   All the way from a hole in the ground to a magnificent office.  Still surrounded by worms  though, if you’ll pardon my little joke.

Ready to command?   Of course you are my love.   And I will applaud you and I will assist you, after all I put you here didn’t I?   Oh yes, yes I did.  And I have never asked for anything from you.

Until now.

One request only, and you will grant it I do not doubt.

You will.   Now listen carefully my sweetest.   

Oh come now.  There’s no need to cry.   And no point.

Nobody is here to hear you.

Finn’s first novel A Step Beyond Context is available on,uk and and a few others as well. It’s a punchy genre-busting mystery with a heroine who is a Regency lady, a high tech mercenary and much more.

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