Clocks of ancient splendour

A new bit of roleplaying technology that I’ve fallen in love with is the idea of “clocks” – simple visual representations that the GM can present to the players to show the passage of time or the acceleration towards a goal or consequence.

Typically they’re simple Pie-Chart type things (sometimes prettied up) with a number of segments which the GM fills in, one or more at a time, as the player characters move through the game. A classic one might be “Security Lockdown” for instance, where each time the heroic infiltrators make a misstep, or fail a roll, or whatever, another segment of the pie chart is filled in. They know that once it’s full a total lockdown will occur with more guards, more hazards and the shit will get more real.

I’m currently running a home brew Sword & Sorcery setting – more ancient world than medieval fantasy – and while I was keen to use Clocks they just didn’t fit with the aesthetic I was going for. So I came up with my own, basing them on the “carved stone” style I was using for character and location tokens.

Here are examples of the four/six/eight and twelve segment clocks both blank and with some examples filled in.

If anyone wants to use these feel free to snag them from HERE – if you use Roll20 as an online platform you can import these as tokens in a rollable table so you can put them on the screen and advance them with a mouseclick.

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