The False Knight on the Road

I’ve recently rediscovered my collection of folk music, a genre I like for the narratives contained in the songs, if not for the affected nasal drone that some singers affect for some reason.

Listening this lunchtime I shuffled upon “The False Knight On The Road” which is on the face of it an encounter between a boy and a brigand, and which has apparently been interpreted as an encounter between a Christian soul and the devil.

It’s a good song, quite jolly and is a good active song to walk to. The repetitions make it easy to remember and sing along to.

It dawned on me today that the boy’s responses make a good example of how to resist grooming and manipulation too. A refusal to engage at every level with just the right amount of push-back to set boundaries and warn that he’s aware of what is going on without giving the opportunity for the False Knight to start playing the victim.

Also fuck the False Knight and his sales techniques, his assumptive closes (“And how many shall be mine”) his negging (“I threw your dog a stone”) and his enquiring after other victims (“Has your mother more like you”).

You can watch here

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