New Year, New Cliche

I swear I didn’t set out to be one of those New Year resolution guys.  I’ve always thought that if something needs doing or changing then you either do it when it needs to get done, or you don’t, and why should a date on a calendar be the boss of me etc.

However since the New Year I’ve just felt in the mood  to change things up.   I lost a lot of weight last year and want to carry on making progress, and just in the last couple of days I felt an inkling to get back to the gym.  I’ve been rising earlier than ever and getting to work about 2 hours earlier than I need to and so I’ve decided to spend one of those hours in the gym near work.

Which of course necessitated joining the gym, buying some new clothes to work out in (since all my old stuff is now far too large) and so on.

Today was my first session and it felt good but tiring as you’d expect.   I doubt I’ll be able to raise my arms from  the desk by lunchtime.


Other stuff that feels good – I’ve decided to start meditating again.  I did a period of mindfulness stuff using the Headspace app (recommended) which helped me out a lot, but then I kind of drifted.   I feel it’s time to start up again and I’m going to be using these things as a meditation aid – since I tend to see the world in terms of Story (capitalisation deliberate and pretentious) these cards show archetypal figures devoid of faux historicity.   I’ll feed back how it works out

For more information about the Forty Servants cards visit Tommie Kelly’s site HERE

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