We fell to earth, who once had soared so high

So fast and far through endless stellar night

From that sweet single point of bursting light

And shining side by side till we drew nigh

This world, this world, and its embrace was cold

And made us fall, at first so close we fell

Through screaming skies, and side by side we fell,

Foul gravity, the turning earth took hold

And parted us, made distance and I wept

To be alone in so so cold a place

Ignored the pain of impact, but to face

A moment where your shining light was kept

Away from me, away from me who’d burned

With stellar flaming fire like your own

That moment was a horror.  Cold, alone

And buried in dark earth I cooled and yearned

For soaring moments and that fragile flame

That I’d once thought eternal and was gone.

I cooled and darkened, dark where once I’d shone,

A stone and not a star; small, cold and tame.

Yet even on this distant barren shore

I sense you drawing close and blaze once more

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