The Stone and the Seven

Cannot sleep my lady?  Then draw close to the candle and listen. I will tell you a tale of the old old days there were not in fact so long ago as you would hope. The King in those days had two sons.   The eldest son, the heir was a foul creature, handsome enough to […]

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Abandoned Beauty

“He’s on his way, I’ve seen him through the eyes of owls.  Young and full of vigour,” Her voice was self-satisfied, with just a hint of lewd appreciation.“So romantic,” came the reply in gentle delicate tones of wistful contentment“Romance be damned,” the third voice was a menacing rumble, “it’s the story that draws him.  Always […]

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Oh my gosh

I’m far more excited than I have any right to be after receiving notification of a piddling little electronic payment.  My first ever royalties for my novel have just come through and while it will barely cover the cost of the new ICRPG core rulebook coming out today I am very happy indeed – Guess […]

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The Star Flung Hammer

A new Sword & Sorcery adventure for Index Card RPG involving a daring expedition into hostile territory and the confrontation of an unexpected cosmic horror. Something strange fell from the sky into the land of the Jötnar – and those brave souls who went in search of it never came back.  Now doom is prophesied […]

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The Jötnar

The Jötnar, (singular Jötun, make the plural “Jotuns” if you want – they’re unlikely to call the Plurality Police) are an adversarial race suitable for a dark ages, particularly Viking inspired setting.    The name is often mistranslated into English as “giant” (via a Norman/French word relating to a Hellenic Greek concept misapplied to a […]

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Devious in the Dark

I ran my first Blades in the Dark adventure last night and it was the proverbial blast. The characters were three members of the same family, a pair of brother/sister twins of mixed Akorosi and Skovlan heritage and their cousin (mixed Akorosi/Iruvian), all former Imperial military and now running a small smuggling outfit out of […]

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