Helping Hand

I clean the shop, I mend the shoes, I help the downcast maiden choose
Her future prince, her future bright, her perfect brave and charming knight
I bless the baby that she bears, I honour every oath she swears,
I prophesy of days unborn, of trials to come, of oaths foresworn
Of fallen thrones and mirrors smashed, of crowns cast down and glories past
And then I turn and start again, I’ve seen each story wax and wane
And in each tale of destiny, in each strange tale there’s always me
A little voice, a hidden hand, a sprite perhaps with so much planned,
A crone perhaps, a crone I am, Or sometimes yet a wizened man,
Or youth in green, or far off light, or voice that whispers in the night,
My favours come to those in need, my favours plant the fertile seed
I’ll stack the cups up on the table, to spin the straw to gold I’m able
I’ll give you all the riddles’ answers, I’ll train the girl to join the dancers,
To sing with angel’s voice and soar, to bring her love back from the war
I’ve seen ten thousand stories told, I’ve seen ten thousand lives unfold
And touched each one, and made them mine, I know the ways to make them shine
The mundane waste of mundane life, in seconds passing, dismal strife
Or dismal joy, so pale and weak, I cannot bear such futures bleak
So I step in with sharpened story, and cut so deep in search of glory
And cut away the life that bores, and cut away the life that’s yours
I know you see, I know what’s best, the shining tale, the mighty quest
I’ll put you on the path I choose, I’ll see you walk it, don’t refuse,
Dull daily life requires mending, and who would shun a happy ending?
I’m here to help,
I’m good, I’m nice,

I never ever name the price
Finn Cullen’s first novel “A Step Beyond Context” is a story of intrigue and danger crossing worlds and genres.  For more information click HERE

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