The Ink Dipped Wand

Some words from the Sage of Northampton, as recorded in an interview here which bear repeating:

The Bardic tradition of magic, when satires were justifiably more feared than curses and when the creator was respected as a powerful magician rather than as someone getting by out on the fringes of the entertainment industry, is one that today’s artists, occultists and writers would do well to reacquaint themselves with. You can kill or cure with a word. Get off of your knees.

Sir Terry Pratchett commented through one of his many characters that the human race has a design fault – we bend at the knees.   Today there are a great many forces designed to trick or coerce or simply brutalise us to our knees, because it is only then that the stunted troglodytes who seek to rule us can believe themselves greater than we are.   I suspect that those forces are on the edge of increasing their hold on the world and on the power structures that will give them more authority.

Don’t let them.   Don’t let them get away with a word, not one single word, that says the world is other than it is.   Every word unchallenged is a word carved in stone.   Speak the truth, speak, sing, paint, carve and dance the truth even in the face of those shouting for you to stop.   Picture the world that we should be living in and make it happen, step by step, thought by thought, brush-stroke by brush-stroke and share it.  Don’t allow anyone to trick you into thinking the world thinks as they do in order to silence you.   Your neighbour may be silenced too and thinking they too are the only ones who see the truth.

Let no one build walls to divide us, walls of hatred nor walls of stone
Come greet the dawn and stand beside us; we live together or we die alone


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