Twentyfirst Century Spoor – useful resources for clues in #nightsblackagents

Just a brief post to share a useful resource I found.   In “Red Shift” my Night’s Black Agents campaign I’m enjoying laying out an ocean of clues for the agents to swim in.    Among the various trails they’re following they’ve become connected with a group of students who they met at a performance of the King in Yellow.    One of them started acting strangely… then fell ill…  

I thought that it was likely that the agents would try to piece together what had brought him to this and what better way of checking out the backstory of a modern student than checking his social media accounts?

This site here (LINKY)  has generators to create fake Tweets, Facebook entries and smartphone text conversations.    I created a few examples for the agents to find as they dug in and they were well received when I provided the “screenshots” rather than just an account of what they’d found.

Some examples:

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