Campaign Tarot – #TrailOfCthulhu

I’m quite pleased with the latest iteration of my Roll20 “home screen” – this time for a Trail of Cthulhu campaign.    Rather than repeating my Incident Board idea from my Night’s Black Agent’s Campaign I’ve gone more for a classic desk-top look with cards representing the key locations and characters appearing in the episode. […]

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Found Carcosa #TrailOfCthulhu

I’ve been plundering the themes and flavours of Chambers’ work recently but today for the first time I came across this little gem. The Carcosa mansion, built in 1896 to 1897 was intended as the residence of the British High Commissioner in Malaya.  It’s now a luxury hotel though given the antecedents of the name […]

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The Saint’s Hair?

Ethelflaeda was a pious woman, so they said.  Devoted to God and to his service.  And in those long ago days before the first millennium had come and emptily gone who was to say that the unorthodox methods of her worship were to be condemned?  They say she used to stand naked in the river […]

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Earworms of Y’Golonac

This is an adventure outline I worked up for a Trail of Cthulhu one-shot that I had planned, set in modern day Leeds. Y’golonac – by Finn It’s not fully polished and lacks game related statistics etc, and is a brief framework for an adventure that I think would suit the Purist rather than Pulp […]

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Thoughts in the Depths

A creature for Trail of Cthulhu. The shunned tribal elders called it Giaouchatnhon when they discovered it’s lair deep within the caves in what is now Vietnam. They saw the effects it had on the first unfortunates to be exposed to it, infected by it, and they studied the results. The victims grew ill, pale […]

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