Party Time #fatecore

Yesterday’s session of the Sundered Seven fantasy campaign took place entirely within one room (with a short side trip to a wine cellar), lacked combat, treasure or magic and was still one of the most intense sessions of any roleplaying game I’ve played. Our heroes Lord Adriel and his faithful servant Inye had arrived in […]

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The Sundered Seven

In recent posts I’ve discussed the collaborative worldbuilding undertaken by myself and a couple of players new to Tabletop gaming and posted the questions I set them to outline the basics of the world, and the answers they came up with. I’m attaching a link to the basic setting notes that resulted and hope they’re […]

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Outsourced Worldbuilding

One of the things I loved the most about Fate Core when I first picked it up was the emphasis on collaborative world-building – the creation of Aspects for the setting and attaching Faces and Places that the players come up with in concert with the GM. Image by Jessie Therrien I do most of […]

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