Party Time #fatecore

Yesterday’s session of the Sundered Seven fantasy campaign took place entirely within one room (with a short side trip to a wine cellar), lacked combat, treasure or magic and was still one of the most intense sessions of any roleplaying game I’ve played. Our heroes Lord Adriel and his faithful servant Inye had arrived in […]

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Be Prepared. #nightsblackagents

This very practical travel kit for the aspiring vampire hunter went on sale in North Yorkshire in 2012 and raised £7500 at auction. It was put together in the 19th century and contained all the stuff you’d expect:A crucifixStakes and a malletA PistolGlass bottle of Holy Water, another of consecrated earth, another of garlic pasteThe […]

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Red Shift – Episode Six – Calais and Paris – #nightsblackagents Play Report

After Sunday’s action packed episode, last night’s visit to the bloody world of Night’s Black Agents was one of evasion and consolidation.   Having had to flee from a murder scene, Hans and Rowan dug in at their safe house and ran through what they’d learned.   The word “vampire” was used for the first time with […]

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